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At McNicol Interior Designs, we’ve improved the design process, so you can focus on the beautiful outcome of a redesign rather than feeling stressed or overwhelmed. We are experts in all aspects of interior design, working with you every step of the way to ensure you are receiving an informed and personalized experience. And with the value that interior design can add to your home, choosing McNicol Interior Design for your project is a wise investment.

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My Creative Style

Modern classic interiors have always captured my attention. I love the way classic elements look with a modern twist; whether it is a modern fireplace mantel in a classically panelled dining room, or a glass display cabinets in a modern, black lacquer. The classic elements integrated with our modern way of living creates a timeless masterpiece. High contrast tones with a variety of textures gives these modern classic elements warmth, interest and a sophisticated edge. Your home should reflect you and how you live your best life.

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Fun Facts About Me

1. I am married with two kids, so I understand the importance of having a space that works for a busy family life. Layout, storage and durable finishes are key to having a home that you don’t need to fuss over.

2. I’m an organization nerd! Everything in my home and office has its place. I love a good built-in storage unit that has room for everything, plus some empty space to grow – clutter makes me crazy!

3. I love to travel, exploring new places and seeing the way others live.

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